Rae Bowen Therapy

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Meditation for the body?

“Bowen is for the body what meditation is for the mind.”

This is a quote from one of my clients and it got me thinking what a great description it is! Bowen really does soothe the physical body providing it with space in which to move more freely. Any restrictions from pain and stiffness are released and sometimes I can almost hear a body sighing in deep relaxation throughout the session as it lets go of all the physical clutter is was holding.

Is this not similar to what meditation can provide for the mind? Soothing and calming. Space to live in the moment and freedom from the restriction of repetitive thoughts. Not to mention freedom from all the mental clutter we carry around with us.

I ran the quote past a couple of fellow practitioners and Bowen fans. We all agree that Bowen and meditation can go hand in hand: working together in a truly holistic way to balance body and mind.  One particular Bowen super-fan insisted that Bowen can do both mind & body itself.  My opinion?  Well, I always feel better mentally and emotionally after a Bowen session. There is most definitely a zen-like calmness and a feeling of being in control that I find lasts way beyond the actual time on the treatment couch.

Interestingly, the client who offered the quote came to see me with depression. This is not one of the best known reasons for people seeking out the Bowen technique but maybe it should be?   I’ve copied their testimonial below so you can judge for yourselves:

What brought you to bowen: “Chronic depression
What did it prevent you from doing: “Finding/keeping a job, socialising, day to day living”
Have you been able to resume: “Yes ”
Testimonial: “Bowen treatment has felt like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. Both emotionally and physically I’ve felt a very positive shift; negative thoughts & feelings are easier to let go of; it’s like I’ve become ‘unblocked’. I feel like I’m functioning closer to normality.” RLB, Leeds

We really can look after ourselves on all levels with therapy. Yes, there’s a small commitment of time and money but my personal view is that self care is an investment you simply can’t put a price on.  Look after your body and your mind and they will serve you well for many many years.

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