Rae Bowen Therapy

A Natural Solution to Pain Relief & Imbalance

A Natural Solution to Pain Relief & Imbalance

A Natural Solution to Pain Relief & Imbalance


Client testimonials

What brought you to bowen:Twisted knee causing pain to inner side of knee
What did it prevent you from doing: “Bending knee without pain”
Have you been able to resume: “Yes, the pain has gone & I’m using it normally”
Testimonial: “This is a relaxing, painless method of treatment with surprisingly good results! I have received Bowen Therapy for 2 muscular-skeletal ailments, both with successful outcomes. The holistic nature of the diagnosis & treatment seems to promote long-lasting benefits.” CH, Otley

What brought you to bowen: “Stiff neck and tennis elbow – sore shoulder
What did it prevent you from doing: “
Moving freely in that area
Have you been able to resume: “
Testimonial: “
Loved it. Felt very relaxed during treatment and afterwards. Felt it also benefited my emotional wellbeing. Would have loved to continue but travel and cost is an issue for me. Would highly recommend this.” EM, Saltaire

What brought you to bowen:Polymyalgia Rheumatica
What did it prevent you from doing: “Totally changed my life. Very painful muscles, difficult movement”
Have you been able to resume: “I can do most things as long as I pace myself”
Testimonial: “Bowen therapy has helped me through the worst times of my illness. Very relaxing & I am sure it has enabled me to get better sooner.” DH, Yeadon

What brought you to bowen: “Severe muscle tension in back
What did it prevent you from doing: “
Nothing – it was just uncomfortable
Have you been able to resume: “
Yes – The treatment greatly relaxed the area
Testimonial: “
My experience of Bowen and Rachael has always been a calm and relaxing treatment. Each session has provided a selfish moment to help repair myself. A very good experience.” DG, Skipton

What brought you to reflexology: “Stress – difficulty coping with work & day to day stress. Feeling of being overwhelmed & having to take medication regularly for palpitations. IBS – lots of stomach ache/indigestion/bloatedness
Testimonial: “
Even though I still get stressed, reflexology has definately helped to control it & helped me reduce the amount of medication I take for my palpitations. My stomach is so much better – from taking Gaviscon daily I never have to take it now & I am much less bloated. I can’t imagine not coming for monthly reflexology sessions! They really do make me feel so much better & help me cope with daily life.” GP, Ilkley

What brought you to bowen:Tennis elbow
What did it prevent you from doing: “Gripping and holding items like bags, steering wheel and lifting lids off was painful”
Have you been able to resume: “Fully without pain”
Testimonial: “The shooting pain from my elbow to my hand disappeared. I also noticed that the pain and stiffness in my joints and feet when standing up from a sitting position had disappeared.” SB, Addingham

What brought you to bowen: “Low back pain. Right leg painful when walking
What did it prevent you from doing: “
Difficulty climbing stairs. Limited walking
Have you been able to resume: “
Much improved
Testimonial: “
I found the Bowen therapy treatment very soothing and helpful. It was administered in a kind and understanding manner. Very professional.” ET, Ilkley

What brought you to reflexology: “Fatigue, stress, chest problems/asthma and often chest infections
Testimonial: “
The actual ‘physical’ treatment in a reflexology session is the obvious immediate benefit – Rachael treats you in a calm soothing manner which gives immediate relief. However, it is the emotional care she gives alongside – delving into your worries, lifestyle etc which have had a huge impact on my life. Things are more settled for me, and I feel more able to vocalise worries which were leading to stress. I am trying to put into practice Rachael’ suggestions and I can see/feel benefits in the long term.” CS, Burley-in-Wharfedale

What brought you to reflexology: “Anxiety, stress, work related problems
Testimonial: “
Rachael is not only able to relax me instantly but she is a good problem solver and after each visit I left my appointment feeling better in mind and body. Thoroughly excellent. We moved home in the summer and I cannot wait to move back to Ilkley to start my treatments again” EG, Ilkley

What brought you to bowen: “The top of my leg / lower back muscles on the right leg were in constant debilitating pain
What did it prevent you from doing: “Walking, sitting and lying down were all painful. Walking was slow and stilted”
Have you been able to resume: “Over the course of a few treatments Bowen greatly eased all symptoms making first sleeping much easier, and then similarly with sitting. Walking became much easier and over a period of maybe 6-8 weeks returned to normal”
Testimonial: “I had waited over 4 weeks before commencing treatment thinking the problem would “wear off”. I felt some immediate relief after one session and a gradual improvement after each subsequent session. Without Bowen I don’t think my symptoms would have improved.” MC, Oakworth

What brought you to bowen: “I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS). This means I have widespread discomfort or pain in joints & muscles most of the time”
What did it prevent you from doing: “
Can’t stay in one position for long (particularly sitting). Can’t do strenuous tasks
Have you been able to resume: “
Can generally cope better
Testimonial: “
I have tried many therapies to help me cope with my JHS (there is no cure). Chronic pain is quite stressful to deal with, and I find Bowen Therapy sessions with Rachael definitely pleasant & relaxing. Periodic de-stressing with this gentle technique is helping me cope” JR, Burley-in-Wharfedale

What brought you to bowen:Constant migraine
What did it prevent you from doing: “Most things!”
Have you been able to resume them: “Yes”
Testimonial: “Bowen treats the body as a whole rather than just focussing on the symptoms. This approach has worked for me. It is also extremely relaxing” RC, Ilkley

What brought you to bowen:Anxiety, muscle tension and tinnitus
What did it prevent you from doing: “Living life fully”
Have you been able to resume: “Fully”
Testimonial: “Bowen Therapy was a fascinating experience, it was so relaxing and gentle but the results were dramatic. I was able to experience a big reduction in my muscle tension, anxiety and tinnitus which had been plaguing me. I am very grateful to my therapist Rachael and would highly recommend Bowen to anyone” AH, Horsforth

What brought you to bowen:“I had upper neck & back pain going into my right arm
What did it prevent you from doing: “Right arm – unable to lift or use without pain”
Have you been able to resume them: “Fully mobile again after a course of treatments”
Testimonial: “Better posture, sleep pattern improved, upper body straighter and no pain any more in my right arm and shoulder” KH, Ben Rhydding

What brought you to reflexology: “I was finding that PMT was turning me into an impatient bad tempered wife and mummy not to mention making me feel pretty yucky!”
Testimonial: “My treatment was a treat for me, very relaxing! It stopped the highs and lows during the month and I felt much more balanced! After a break due to holidays, I am keen to start again!” LC, Ilkley

What brought you to reflexology: “I was very stressed, anxious, often tearful and maybe even a little depressed, as I’d just moved to the area and was struggling to find work, whilst coming to terms with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility and trying to decide whether to go down the route of IVF treatment”
Testimonial: “I found Reflexology sessions very relaxing and therapeutic. I’d never had Reflexology before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a real treat and I feel that I benefited greatly from these sessions both on a superficial level, as it felt like quality pampering, “me time” and my feet felt amazing after each session, as well as on a higher level it really helped me to feel a greater sense of inner wellbeing, deep relaxation, calmness, balance and positivity following each session. I benefited enormously from the cumulative effect of regular sessions to a point where I no longer felt that I needed treatment. I highly recommend Rachael as an excellent practitioner who takes time to talk through and understand your individual needs and tailor sessions accordingly, as well as offering helpful, non-judgmental advice. I am a strong believer in complementary, holistic therapy and I found Reflexology had really beneficial results for me. I would have no hesitation in returning for treatment in the future.” KC, Ilkley

What brought you to bowen:Fell while skiing and injured my left sitting bone area
What did it prevent you from doing: “Sitting for any length of time. Ached all the time”
Have you been able to resume them: “Yes”
Testimonial: “At the same time as having the Bowen technique I had an assessment done by occupational health and got a new seat which also contributed to resuming normal activities. I found the Bowen very relaxing. I had improvement following the treatments. It is impossible to be sure how much the individual contribution of Bowen was but I am sure it helped. Rachael was very honest and said she didn’t know for sure if it would help. I found her very good at explaining what she was doing, thoughtful and professional. I would recommend the technique provided by Rachael to others.” PW, Burley in Wharfedale

What brought you to bowen:Back painfrequent ‘pulled muscles’ & chronic tightness/muscle use imbalances
What did it prevent you from doing: “Various, and jobs involving slight strain, even sitting and walking uncomfortable at times”
Have you been able to resume them: “Yes”
Testimonial: “Sometimes I have felt immediate relief of pain, or shifting pattern of pain, after a treatment – always some kind of relief. Have also felt long standing problems with energy, digestion, fatigue, sleep, emotional stuff have been helped. I do recommend Bowen/Rachael to others and will continue to use it myself. I think Rachael’s treatment is excellent value for money (compare cost of haircut etc) but look forward to seeing Bowen more mainstream, maybe subsidised on NHS as it could help so many people who cannot afford to pay for healthcare. Rachael is excellent therapist – focussed and caring. Treatments are comforting” JF, Ilkley

What brought you to bowen:Lower back pain on left side (began 20 yrs ago). Tightness in left knee
What did it prevent you from doing: “Long walks, running, play golf, being on feet for long periods”
Have you been able to resume them: “Partially (not golf)”
Testimonial: “Back has been much easier, but tightness remains in knee. I am walking a little better and able to keep on feet for long periods (although I may experience mild backache). ” KE, Thirsk

What brought you to bowen:Frozen Shoulder
What did it prevent you from doing: “Driving, playing the guitar, reaching high shelves!”
Have you been able to resume them: “Yes”
Testimonial: “The immediate relief from pain was very welcome and provided an invaluable platform for steadily recovering.  I also found the minimally intrusive style of Bowen extremely relaxing – I feel it helped me to slow down and conserve energy which I’m sure facilitated recovery. A really good experience which I have recommended to others”  PW, Keighley

What brought you to bowen:RSI in fore arm and elbow
What did it prevent you from doing: “Holding or picking things up at arm’s length”
Have you been able to resume them: “I now have recovered full movement and use of my arm”
Testimonial: “After only two sessions the tenderness in my arm ceased and it is no longer a problem for me. I have since had a number of treatments and find the gentle movements and calm atmosphere very relaxing.  I have and will continue to recommend Bowen to others.”  JH, Menston

What brought you to reflexology: “I didn’t feel my normal self after the birth of my second child. I felt anxious but not depressed and had great difficulty in getting to sleep.  I felt my hormones were all over the place! My Doctor prescribed sleeping tablets but I didn’t want to go down that route so looked to alternative therapy”
How did this affect you: “Although I wasn’t depressed I did feel as if I had a cloud hanging over me, I was very frustrated that I felt so tired and on edge”
Testimonial: “I had regular reflexology sessions with Rachael and noticed a gradual and progressive improvement over 3 months. My sleep patterns returned to normal and I felt so much brighter. I am sure the reflexology treatments helped balance my hormones, which were causing my insomnia problems.  I now have regular treatments to keep me in check and really notice when I don’t have them for a while. I would highly recommend Rachael as she is very professional but also friendly and empathetic. She appears to take a genuine interest in clients and always offers advice. Now I am at that stage in my life where my hormones are unsettled I am really benefiting from regular treatments. I am sure they help keep things calm and more relaxed!”  JC, Ilkley

What brought you to reflexology: “Mainly stress and the need to unwind and relax, also severe back and neck pain, plus after having knee replacements I have problems in one knee with drainage
How did this affect you: “My movements were restricted due to neck pain”
Testimonial: “Following all treatments, my body has been relaxed and re-newed. The drainage in my foot and leg have improved, albeit on a temporary basis. Over a period of treatments my back and neck have improved so much that I have forgotten about the initial injury.  The overall experience is one of totally unwinding and feeling good. My neck problem ceases to need treatment.” BK, Headingley

What brought you to bowen:Cervical dystonia
What did it prevent you from doing: “This is a chronic disorder that makes day to day living more difficult”
Have you been able to resume them: “Attendance at work significantly improved”
Testimonial: “I came to Bowen by chance whilst looking for something to supplement the (as yet ineffective) treatment provided by the NHS. My aim was to find a therapy that would help to relax & protect the muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back that were being put under significant strain by the dystonia. Bowen is succeeding in this, but also in improving my general wellbeing and I am finding I can cope better with the condition.” SH, Guiseley

What brought you to reflexology: “None specifically but I always had lower back pain from about 2006 onwards. Occasionally I have tight shoulders and feel tense
How did this affect you: “Sometimes it prevented me from lifting things and was achey by the evening of most days”
Testimonial: “I didn’t start going for reflexology because of any complaint but over the months of treatment I have had, I’ve really benefitted from talking through ailments and finding them to be eased. Regular treatments are both relaxing and healing. Whenever I have had a period when I’ve not been for a treatment in a while I start to notice that I ache more.”  JK, Leeds

What brought you to bowen:Lumbar region of the back
What did it prevent you from doing: Straightening my back, twisting, bending down to pick up stuff from floor level”
Have you been able to resume them: “Fully, still doing my leg exercises every day for 5 minutes. 95% work fit”
Testimonial: “My sister told me of the therapy so I looked on the internet.  I wanted a more subtle approach for my back . It’s worth going and I’m glad I went”  RB, Otley