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Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

About Me

Rachael Cavanagh, Holistic TherapyRachael Cavanagh
MFHT, MBTPA, CNHC Registered, Cert ECBS, Cert ITEC

I came to complementary therapies in my late 20s and I can honestly say it changed my life. I had been seriously ill in my late teens with hepatitis, which had followed immediately after a bout of glandular fever. This double whammy wiped out my immune system and for many years after I suffered poor health fighting one bug and virus after another.

Unsurprisingly, this led to a spell of depression and associated stress and tension. This in turn led on to a raft of physical aches and pains. The situation was not helped at all by also having hyper mobile joints which means that most of my joints move beyond a normal range causing frequent tweaks, pulls and minor injuries.

It took many years to unwind all the stuff going on in my body. Indeed it’s still an ongoing journey for me which I manage with regular therapy sessions myself. When I reflect back though I find I do so with gratitude. I was lucky enough to discover so many forms of therapy – physical, talking, herbal and natural – that helped get me where I am today, and the two that I found really amazing were Reflexology and The Bowen Technique.  Time for a change of direction in life and in 2003 I qualified in Reflexology followed by the Bowen Technique in 2010. Having worked with the therapies part-time for years I took the leap to become a full time therapist at the beginning of 2016.

Realising from my own experience how difficult it can be sometimes to separate what’s going on emotionally with what’s going on physically, what fascinated me about these two therapies in particular is how they work on both levels. In any one week I can see clients with purely physical injury and musculoskeletal pain and then see clients with depression or anxiety and both can experience great results from the same therapy. I could write many more paragraphs about the whys and wherefores of how this can be, but perhaps the main message to take from this is that therapy can and does help lots of people on lots of levels and if  you’re still reading this far down this page there’s a very good chance it can help you too!

By focussing on just two main therapies I have been able to specialise and gain a deeper understanding of each of them: their strengths, their application and the results they achieve.  Both tap into the body’s innate ability to heal itself; something it is constantly trying to do but sometimes needs a helping hand. They complement each other nicely but each offers a slightly different angle and we can discuss which one would be most beneficial to you at any moment in time.

More recently I have trained in a fascial stretching technique called the Rossiter System which is a purely physical session aimed at sports injuries and musculoskeletal imbalances to help stretch the whole of the connective tissue in areas of the body rather than a single muscle. Perfect if you’re generally fit and healthy but struggling with repeating injuries or tightness.

If you have any queries or just want to chat about whether complementary therapy can help you, please do get in touch.  Take a look at my Contacts page to see all the ways you can do so and check out my Clinic information to see where I am in Ilkley and how easy it is to get to.

Qualification Details:

  • Certificate of Proficiency as an Accredited Practitioner of The Bowen Technique issued by the European College of Bowen Studies (now known as the College of Bowen Studies)
  • Diploma in Reflexology with Distinction by the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC)
  • Certified Practitioner (Level 1) in the Rossiter System
  • Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology Theory with Credit by ITEC
  • Emergency First Aid at Work certificate

Post Graduate:

By specialising in just the two main therapies, it has allowed me to focus my time and attention on them and each year I undertake Continuing Professional Development in both therapies, most notably:

  • Bowen Therapy Spinal workshop – techniques to release the whole spinal column of tension and a detailed look at the influence of the central nervous system to pain & also hot flushes
  • Fascia Bowen – an even lighter touch form of Bowen specifically aimed at fatigued and overloaded systems
  • Bowen Therapy for the lower limbs – focusing on imbalance of the knees & ankles and the impact this can have on the lower back
  • Bowen Therapy Shoulder and Pelvic focus workshops – focusing on stiff & frozen shoulders and lower back, hip or thigh pain
  • Bowen Therapy Neurological – application of the technique for neurological conditions and neural referred symptoms such as sciatica and pins & needles
  • Bowen Therapy Body Reading – Observation of Functional Movement i.e. how we move and inter-connect
  • Bowen Therapy for TMJ & Respiratory – focusing on neck pain and releasing the breathing
  • Bowen Therapy Practitioner Development workshops
  • Fertility and Maternity Reflexology – balancing the body ahead of conception or through pregnancy
  • Lymphatic Drainage through Reflexology
  • Advanced Reflexology techniques
  • Reflexology in Palliative care
  • Muscle Energy Techniques – gentle stretching techniques
  • Level 2 Rossiter System – enhanced techniques

Professional Registration:

  • CNHC quality markRegistered for Bowen Therapy and Reflexology with the CNHC, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which is the government sponsored UK voluntary regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners.  The register is approved as an “Accredited Register (AR)” by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) which is an independent body accountable to parliament who set up the AR scheme in 2012 to offer enhanced protection for anyone seeking health and social care services that are not statutorily regulated.



  • Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, a professional therapist association who ensure their practitioners are qualified, professional and insured. The FHT also provide national standards in training and Continuing Professional Development and members adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.
    The register of qualified therapists held by the FHT is also an Accredited Register with the Professional Standards Authority which means that the FHT has satisfied the PSA that it meets its high standards. It is a mark of quality.


  • BTPA membership markMember of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association, the largest professional association of Bowen Technique therapists which also operates a strict Code of Conduct and sets high standards for Continuing Professional Development.


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