Rae Bowen Therapy

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety


” I still cannot believe how successful the Bowen treatment has been for me.  Within weeks the pain and stiffness in my knees was better, along with many other minor problems such as shoulder stiffness, a pulled muscle in my arm and carpal tunnel in my wrist to name just a few! Bowen therapy has completely transformed my quality of life. I recommend Rachael and Bowen whenever possible because I know it works. I am fitter and healthier than I have been for years.”      WS, Horsforth


Welcome to Rae Bowen Therapy: holistic therapy that offers natural solutions to pain relief and imbalance – helping you to reduce your pain, stiffness, stress & anxiety.

We all need a little support from time to time to stay physically and emotionally healthy and every year thousands of people turn to complementary therapy to help them on their way.

You may be looking for help & support for one or more of a whole variety of reasons:

  • relief from long term musculoskeletal pain
  • coping with anxiety or spells of depression
  • managing long term conditions including neurological and auto-immune
  • natural solutions to health problems such as digestive or hormonal issues
  • improving your energy levels
  • coping with a stressful time
  • help with a recent injury
  • drug free pain relief
  • bringing balance back to your body
  • to benefit from good quality relaxation time
  • or any number of other physical or emotional concerns you may have going on right now

Whatever the reasons that bring you to this website I will always offer you the best advice that I can.  By specialising in just two main therapies I’ve built up a huge reservoir of experience in each of them. I know them in depth and therefore can confidently suggest the right treatment for you and your unique set of circumstances to help you feel better. Read more about The Bowen Technique and Reflexology to see which feels right for you.

I am very lucky in that I enjoy what I do and I feel passionate about bringing the benefits of holistic therapies to a wider audience. Please see lots more info about how I came to therapy and my qualifications and training on my About Me page.

My aim is to improve your quality of life, be that physical, emotional or both, so please do get in touch today to see how specialist complementary therapy can help you get back to where you want to be.

Rachael Cavanagh – 07762 627940
Complementary Therapy in Ilkley


” The treatment helped me cope with a generally stressful time in my life by relaxing me and helping me sleep better. Further, Rachael personalised the treatment to my individual needs in relation to infertility issues.  Rachael is a gifted practitioner; her approach is friendly, professional and her general approach to life and treatment is inspiring. I wouldn’t hesitate to introduce friends and family to Rachael and I would certainly have further treatments in the future – in fact I am looking forward to my next one already!”  MM, Leeds