Rae Bowen Therapy

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

I’m back!

Finally, I have re-opened my doors

It feels great to write this!¬† It’s seemed like an eternity waiting until we could welcome you back into the Healing Centre but finally the time has come and our doors have re-opened.

If lockdown has taken it’s toll and you’re suffering from increased pain or stiffness, or you’ve noticed your stress or anxiety levels have gone through the roof, I’m here to help.

Your safety is paramount

I’ve been a busy bee during these last few weeks making sure that your visit will be as safe as I can make it.

The clinic has new procedures in place to ensure we can all socially distance and I have lots of updated cleaning and hygiene measures in place in my therapy room.

In order to give you confidence for your visit I have:

  • Written a Covid-19 policy outlining the key measures I will be taking to reduce the risk of transmission
  • Updated my risk assessment to cover as many Covid-19 related risks I can foresee
  • Undertaken a World Health Organisation course on infection control
  • Produced a client information sheet to explain to you everything you need to know when you book
  • Introduced new procedures to check in with you and your health before each session

Can’t wait to welcome you

It’ll be lovely to see you and get back to helping more people fall in love with Bowen & Reflexology, just like I did.

If you have any questions, or want to book in, here’s the link to my Contacts page