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Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Pain, Stiffness, Stress & Anxiety

Rossiter Stretching Techniques

What is The Rossiter System of stretching?

The Rossiter system of stretching uses a series of deep stretches to re-model the body’s connective tissue and create natural space where it belongs. This then provides better mobility, freer movement and most importantly pain relief.

The stretches have been developed over several years and are based on the premise that when the body is correctly aligned (good structural integrity) it will move more freely and easily in all directions. This is indeed what it is designed to do.

The main basis for this is not the individual muscles we are often familiar with but the connective tissue system. This comprises of a head to toe network of ligaments, tendons and most importantly fascia that holds everything together. When this tissue becomes overused or injured, it shortens and tightens which in turn leads on to many structural and sometimes health issues.

What can Rossiter stretching do for you?

Unlike muscle stretches, this is a deep workout and stretch and is not suitable for everybody. Rest assured though, that if Rossiter is not suitable for you, I can help you with the Bowen Technique.

I have found that Rossiter works best with fit & healthy people used to exercise and generally being active, but who are struggling with any of the following:

  • nagging constant pain that won’t go away and often doesn’t respond to other more traditional therapies
  • all over aches including ones that seem to move around the body
  • repeating lower back and/or sciatic pains with no specific cause
  • tingling and numbness in limbs
  • recurring sports injuries
  • overuse injuries
  • obvious muscle imbalances where one side is clearly dominant over the side – be that left to right or with legs, front to back.
Rossiter workouts restore structural integrity: tightness eases, blood supply is restored and nerve pathways become free-flowing. When the body is working at its optimum the risk of re-injury and pain is reduced and you will be able to return to doing the things you were unable to do – whether that’s running marathons or just being able to grip and lift a cup of tea.

What can you expect during a Rossiter stretching session?

Rossiter sessions are more like a personal training session than a traditional therapy session. The stretches involve two people – you, as the person in charge of the stretches, and me, a Certified Rossiter coach.  You will lie, fully clothed, on a mat on the floor. We will establish which areas are most in need of stretching and using a combination of weight and active stretching I will coach you through a series of stretches which will loosen and lengthen the entire network of tissue. Once tissue returns to its natural state, the body has the freedom to move more easily thus reducing pain levels. You remain in charge of how hard you work through the session.

A lot of people will notice immediate relief after a Rossiter session, although the body is complex and it will usually take a few sessions in order for the structure to loosen sufficiently that the pain and stiffness stay away.  If you are sporty and active, it’s well worth investing in a session every now and again as a form of prevention. Stopping the tightness before it sets in can keep you training and healthy and injury-free. How often you might need this depends on what you do and how kind you are to your body!

Want to know more?

If Rossiter sounds like something you want to know more about, then please do get in touch today.
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